Documents Required Alongwith Application Form

Documents required at the time of submitting proposal to consider the project:-

1.    Submit your proposal in the prescribed form (attached).
2.    Idemnity Bond duly attested on Rs. 100/- non- judicial stamp paper.
3.    Latest copy of registration certificate of your society/NGOs duly attested by Gazette officer.
4.    The RWA/NGO to file details of elected body, with evidence of the same having been submitted to the office of Registrar of firms
5.    Authenticated details of office bearers along with date when they were elected
6.    Prior to applying for financial assistance for development & maintenance of parks ,a copy of resolution passed by RWAs/NGOs on this account is required to be mentioned
7.    In case of MCD parks proposal to be concurred by area Councilor/Mayor.
8.    In case of NDMC/DDA parks proposal to be routed through Director (Hort.)/NDMC/ DDA .
9.    Area of parks, location of parks to be mentioned and photographs of parks to be attached.
10.    In case proposal is submitted by NGO, NOC from the RWA and land owning agency of the concerned area is required.
11.    Consent of SO(Horticulture) for monitoring and avoiding duplication.
12.    ECS mandate(as per form attached)

Last Updated Date :- 27-11-2018

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