Procedure for Financial Assistance

Procedure required to be followed for obtaining Financial Assistance from DPGS for maintenance of parks & gardens.

1.         Applications are to be submitted in the prescribed format.

To avoid duplication of expenditure on greening of parks, concurrence of land managing agency is required to be obtained as per details given below:-

a.    For MCD Parks, Consent/recommendation of Hon’ble Mayor/Councillor/ Commissioner /Authorized representative and NOC from Section Officer (Hort.).

b.    For DDA, CPWD and NDMC parks, consent of Director/Dy. Director Hort./Authorized representative of the concerned authority.

c.    For PWD, DSIIDC, DJB Slum area, and others consent from Dy. Director (Hort.)/Authorized representative.

d.    For Panchyat area, consent of concerned BDO and Hort. Asstt. of Horticulture Unit of Environment Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

e.    For Group Housing / Self Finance Society, applications are to be submitted in the prescribed form along with map of the society.

2.         Proposal to be accompanied with photographs of each park indicating location of parks on the reverse of the photograph.

3.         Proposal be supported by Indemnity Bond ofRs.100/- on non-judicial stamp paper.

4.         Copy of Registration Certificate should also accompanied with the proposal of RWA/NGO.

5.         In case of proposal being submitted by NGO, NOC from the concerned RWA is also required. 

6.         ECS mandate form is required.

7.         On receipt of complete application, Field Supervisor of DPGS is required to visit the parks and submit a detailed inspection report along with the recommendation for providing financial assistance.

8.         Tripartite MoU is to be signed between RWA/MLA/DPGS.

9.         The estimates as per approved norms are required to be prepared by Range Officer as per category of Colony. Thereafter, it is checked by Finance Staff and sanctioned by CEO, DPGS.

10.     Of the total amount sanctioned, 50% (as 1st instalment) of sanctioned amount is transferred to the account of RWAs/NGOs through ECS. This 1st Installment is required to be utilized with in a period of 6 months of release of funds.

11.     Prior to release of 2nd Installment (after six months), RWA is required to submit utilization certificate (UC), CA Audited expenditure statement, and photographs of the park (taken from the same angle as submitted during the submission of the application/proposal) after six months. Range Officer along with Field Supervisor to inspect the work done by RWA/NGO and submit inspection report. The 2nd Installment is to be utilized in the next three months (30% of total sanctioned amount).

12.     After 9 months (6+3), 3rd Installment of 20% of total sanctioned amount is to be released, after submission of utilization certificate, CA audited expenditure statement, and photographs (taken from the same angle as submitted earlier) etc. and on satisfactory report by Field Supervisors.

13.     On  work being carried out satisfactorily in the 1st year, the scheme can be extended for further period of one year/two year on wards on request of RWA/NGO etc.

Last Updated Date :- 27-11-2018

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